ARKA offers stress free and strain less Education in an Innovative Learning Environment.
ARKA Launched its Own ARKA “The Teacher” App for Online Education.
ARKA is an Hallmark Institute in Online Education with the Digital Technology.
Smart classroom with Audio-Visual system and Digital boards.
Live Classes, Notes, Assignments, Exams, Material available on ARKA App.
Advanced Version of TAB to every ARKA Student.
Comfortable teaching schedule for all.
Intelligent Exam System.
Limited intake 40 per section, Individual reading Chair to every Student.
Safe and Clean Environment with complete Sanitization.

We believe that every student is unique, and needs careful guidance and mentoring. Regular doubts clarification sessions are held under the supervision of senior faculty.


 We have specially designed Digital Classroom Theater   with effective audio- visual System. We teach on Smart   Board with the aid of specially prepared PPTs, pictures, maps, graphs, flow charts and videos in all subjects.

 Digital board teaching is a boon in online classes which presents the concepts   effectively and accurately. It   improves the memory levels of the students.

 Online classes will be recorded and delivered to the students depending on the requirements.


 ARKA provides high quality updated course material prepared by experienced North-Indian faculty and ARKA   senior faculty.


 Lifeline is a system of automatic collection of ‘Errors’  committed  by students in all Exams, subject wise and   topic wise with answers in the students profile. It is an innovative method in ARKA system. It helps to reduce   stress and examination fear. Lifeline is useful for fast recovery from errors and helps in reducing the  negative   marks.