• ARKA adopt Teacher – Centered Learning Concept which refers in depth explanation of subjects from basics levels to advanced levels in the first 4 days.
  • ARKA has SMART CLASS ROOMS with Audio – Visual based learning program for effective and smart teaching.
  • Spacious class rooms with seating arrangement which provides positive learning environment for students.
  • We encourage passion for learning the subject rather than focusing on by hearting and Mug up system
  • We train Students not for answering few objective type bits. We teach with an objective of subject.
  • We focus on Subjective assessment method then objective assessment method. Objective assessment is a form of questioning which has single correct answer. Subjective assessment to select best answer among the correct answers. Which needs in depth of subject and comprehensive knowledge on concepts.


  • In the next two days of a week we follow Student-Centred Learning concept, which refer to instructional methods that recognize individual differences in learners.
  • If emphasizes each Student’s, abilities and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of leaning for individuals.
  • In this method teachers revise the weekly syllabus and interact with students individually. Students are encouraged to participate actively in interaction.
  • We promote Group Discussions among the students by making a class in to small teams. Every Lecturer supervise each team of students and assist in clarification of their doubts.
  • Some students feel shy and fear to approach teachers for clarifying their doubts, in this method such students are maximum benefited. Where teacher approaches to the stuents.
  • In this method students get knowledge with out stress and strain. Our teachers perceive academic performance of each student and give suggestions to improve their performance.