single Track Program

Physics & Chemistry priority based single Track Program.

It has Four modules, Each module contains 13 Working Days.

In Every Module, We must complete 1 Botany, 1 Zoology, 1 Physics and 1 Chemistry topic for Topic Wise Examination.

9 days daily Live Teaching of Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry. No. of periods of each subject depends upon the topic.

At the time of teaching we have level – I Assignment.

10th day is Biology day: 1 hour Botany revision, 1 hour Zoology revision with level – II Assignment and NEET Biology exam of 90 bits in 70 minutes.

11th day is Physics day: 2 hours revision with level – II Assignment and NEET Physics exam of 45 bits in 60 minutes.

12th day is Chemistry day: 2 hours revision teaching with level – II Assignment and NEET Chemistry exam of 45 bits in 50 minutes.

Complete Live Teaching on Digital board with sliders and Audio-Visual systems.

Note: After Registration, you will get an ID & Password in your mobile through message.
Login with that ID & Password in ARKA-The Teacher App, you will get Complete Schedule & Time-table.