Academic Schedule :

Our Academic schedule is designed for the progress of all students, but not for few merit students. We do justice for all levels of students.


Conceptual Clarity :

JEE MAINS, Advanced and NEET levels competitive exams emphasized the need for immaculate fundamentals. Quality is spent on each topic for exploring the basics, supported by examples, practical applications and practice excersises


Quick, Accurate Problem Solving Skills:

NEET Competitive exam requires the students to apply fundamentals for solving the problems, quickly and accurately. We teach a logical approach to problem solving by splitting the problem into manageable fragments. We teach simple and shortcut methods in solving the problems.


Special Classes:

We conduct classes in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry in 8th, 9th and 10th class of NCERT and AP State academy syllabus to strengthen the fundamental concepts, calculation skills.


Personalized Doubt Clarification Sessions:

We believe that every student is unique, and needs careful guidance and mentoring to succeed in the competitive exam. Regular doubts clarification sessions are held under the supervision of senior faculty.



ARKA provides high quality updated course material prepared by experienced North Indian faculty and ARKA Senior faculty.



Weekend Exams on every Saturday (Mains, Neet). Cumulative Tests on every month’s syllabus. National Mock tests. Monthly Tests IPE Pattern (Board of Intermediate of AP)


Paper Examination:

Paper Explanation after end of exam. Maintaining errors list in every subject after the exam.